Plane Accident Attorneys in Little Rock

Our firm offers experienced aviation accident attorneys who are knowledgeable in the ways that airplane crash claims are successfully handled in Arkansas. One of our attorneys has extensive statewide experience representing one of the largest aviation insurance companies and its insureds. That experience also includes representation of several aviation clients, such as individual pilots, aviation mechanics and aviation repair facilities and fixed-based operators (FBOs).

Other aviation claims our attorneys have successfully handled include: permanent disfiguring injuries, wrongful death and permanent impairment, chemical overspray (from agricultural applications), and business aviation claims.

We offer our clients the benefit of this experience when representing those injured or killed in an aviation accident, including knowledge of general tort law, as well as an understanding of how any applicable FAA regulations might mandate standards of safe conduct.

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Airplane Crashes: Human Error Tops the List

Flying is usually very safe and reliable. Indeed, statistically, we are living in the safest time for air travelers since the age of powered flight began over a century ago. Perhaps this is because few human activities are as regulated as air travel.

We can all rest assured that we are given benefit of considered and supervised safety measures when flying. Unfortunately, even under the most rigorous standards, human error must be considered. One moment of carelessness can have devastating permanent consequences. Carefully gathered statistics identify that human factors are the most common cause of fatal commercial air accidents during every decade where such statistics are measured.

Not everything can be expected to be under the control of the pilot. However, just like when driving a car, airplane pilots must follow established “rules of the road” when flying. Those rules help other pilots anticipate airplane travel in particular, predictable circumstances and, when followed, ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The Role of the NTSB in Airplane Crashes

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent agency of the United States Government. This agency immediately initiates an investigation every time there is an airplane crash in the United States. NTSB will promptly dispatch a trained team to investigate. Although the NTSB investigation can benefit everyone working to understand whether any compromise of common safety measures lead to the crash, such information is ordinarily inadmissible in court. The main purpose of the investigation is to identify those safety problems that caused the crash so that the problems can be avoided in the future. Our attorneys offer experience in litigating airplane crashes and know how to evaluate the NTSB findings to identify evidence in support of claims.

The Role of Insurance

  • When a crash or negligent injury occurs, the law in Arkansas provides that those that caused the harm must restore innocently injured people to their harms and losses.
  • Those injured or suffering harm in an airplane crash look to receive the benefits of insurance covering passengers in the aircraft. The coverage provides protection when passengers are injured or killed riding in an airplane.
  • If you or a loved one needs our experience in handling airplane injury claims, give us a call and one of our experienced attorneys will personally be in touch with you.