Arkansas Court of Appeals Reverses DWI Checkpoint Decision

Little Rock DWI/DUI attorney John Collins argued successfully for the defense.

LITTLE ROCK, AR (Dec. 15, 2015) – In a recent decision, the Arkansas Court of Appeals reversed a previous circuit court’s ruling on the lawfulness of a 2012 sobriety checkpoint and arrest conducted by Arkansas State Police. Little Rock DWI attorney John Collins of the law firm Collins, Collins & Ray, P.A. argued successfully for the defense. Collins represented Jeremy Whalen, who was arrested at the checkpoint in 2012 and initially convicted of DWI in 2014.

The Court of Appeals’ decision to declare the sobriety checkpoint unlawful was based on the apparent lack of organization, discretion, and established procedural standards on the part of the State Police. Collins sees the ruling as a victory for Arkansas citizens, accountable policing, and the protection against unlawful search and seizure.

“The U.S. Supreme Court says you can run roadblocks for DWI investigations, but there has to be limits,” Collins said. “The police can’t just set up roadblocks anywhere at any time. This ruling shows that supervisors must be held accountable, which goes beyond just the officer in the field.”

The State Police is said to have conducted other roadblocks similar to the one described in the case in recent years, but spokesmen from both the State Police and the Arkansas Attorney General’s office stated it was too early to say how the court’s decision will affect future investigations.

Collins has practiced law in Little Rock for over 15 years, focusing on defending Arkansas citizens facing DWI/DUI charges. Before starting his own practice, Collins previously served as a prosecuting attorney and before that, as a police officer.


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