Did you see what you saw?

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Statistics confirm that witness observations are usually incorrect in many important respects. Statistics also say that 78% of statistics are made up on the spot. Forget about statistics. What do you see with your own eyes? Take a moment and see if you can form a reliable memory of what your spouse, child, or roommate was wearing when he or she left the house this morning, or if you are at home, now, can you remember what they are wearing in the next room? No peeking? What can you identify? Glasses? Shoes? Belt? Socks? Shirt? Where was your attention before you were asked about such details?

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Arkansas Life Awards John C. Collins as Top Lawyer

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Arkansas DWI attorney John C. Collins of Collins, Collins & Ray P.A has been recognized by Arkansas Life Magazine as a top lawyer in the region. Selected by the magazine’s readers, the top attorneys chosen for the feature received the most nominations, not only showing the quality of their work, but their attention to customer service. Collins, Collins & Ray PA is proud to have a partner chosen for the list.

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