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Most Common Causes of Trucking Crashes

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Because of the size and weight of any truck from pickups to 18-wheelers, truck accidents are often more devastating than other types of vehicle crashes. Truck crashes are often more dangerous for individuals in passenger vehicles, which typically weigh no more than around 4,000 lbs compared to a semi-truck that can weigh nearly 100,000 lbs. One of the keys to preventing these types of accidents is to be aware of how they occur. The following are some of the most common causes of accidents among commercial truck drivers.

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Why Don’t They Just Pay Me the Money?

By | Personal Injury

Arkansas law is clear. A person who causes someone else to be injured through negligence is responsible for paying all legal damages caused by the occurrence. What is not clear is the amount of money is owed. This uncertainty is often compounded by common problems such as inadequate insurance; questions of fault (where two (2) or more people may have caused the collision); and the fact that few people involved in significant collision trauma come to it without any pre-existing conditions.

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Did you see what you saw?

By | DWI/DUI, Personal Injury

Statistics confirm that witness observations are usually incorrect in many important respects. Statistics also say that 78% of statistics are made up on the spot. Forget about statistics. What do you see with your own eyes? Take a moment and see if you can form a reliable memory of what your spouse, child, or roommate was wearing when he or she left the house this morning, or if you are at home, now, can you remember what they are wearing in the next room? No peeking? What can you identify? Glasses? Shoes? Belt? Socks? Shirt? Where was your attention before you were asked about such details?

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It’s a Small World: Intro to Personal Injury

By | Personal Injury

When a catastrophe knocks you out of your everyday routine, it is devastating in ways much greater than it may first appear. All of a sudden, simple day-to-day routines seem insurmountable. No more trips to school for plays or special events or even to drop off your child; no more light-hearted shopping trips or easy mornings, waking up slowly with the newspaper; no more picking up small children or household items. Devastating loss robs you of all of these ordinary things and much more.

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