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The car accident attorneys at Collins, Collins & Ray in Little Rock, AR have extensive experience successfully representing Arkansas clients who have suffered loss or injury due to car accidents.

Our firm prides itself on our ability to get innocent accident victims the compensation they deserve for death, injuries, damaged property, and diminished quality of life. Collins, Collins & Ray auto accident attorneys have the experience and the skill to thoroughly collect and present the most crucial facts to the court.

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If you have been hurt in an car accident and you believe another party is responsible, you may ask yourself, “What now?”

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Things To Do Immediately Following a Car Accident

Get medical help as soon as possible.

Most of us living in America are good, honest and hardworking citizens. Here in the South, our common nature is to avoid complaining and to instead try and avoid creating unnecessary concern and hardship over us (“no need to fuss over me”). Under ordinary circumstances, these are wonderful traits. However, when it comes to making sure you are given the benefit of everything you should receive from an accident claim, these admirable qualities can work against the accident victim. Medical treatment for accident-related injuries should be sought out immediately because any delay might invite the notion that something other than the accident caused the problem. So, if you are the type of person to try to delay or avoid seeking out medical help when something is actually wrong, the insurance companies may work hard to avoid paying for your injuries by insisting that the delay in treatment means that you must have been hurt in some way other than the accident. By the time you do show up to your doctor with complaints of pain and discomfort it may be too late to reliably associate them with the recent accident trauma, so be sure to seek medical help as soon as possible!

Call an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

After seeking medical help, you want to get in contact with an attorney that has a proven track record of resolving personal injury claims. Be certain that you know what you are actually dealing with. When pursuing a claim for the insurance proceeds of your negligently driving neighbor you must prove your personal injuries by presenting them in full and with credibility. If you are unwilling to gather and compile all of the related medical records and medical bills, or unprepared to file suit or obtain qualified legal assistance, then you will likely be in the position of trying to prove your claim to the insurance company that profits when it does not fully compensate you for your losses.

Additionally, we have talked to many people who are told by for-profit insurance companies that hiring an attorney will merely cost them money while adding little no value to their claim. Is it surprising that the insurance company that profits from people settling their claims for compromised values would tell people this? If you are injured in a car accident, do NOT believe the multi-billion dollar multinational for-profit insurance companies that do not have your best interest at heart. If you want to get help from experienced car accident attorneys with deep knowledge of how personal injury claims are properly valued and paid in Arkansas, then it is as simple as picking up the phone and calling our experienced lawyers who know how to best way to evaluate your right to payment under an insurance policy.

Call your insurance agent and report the claim.

When life is interrupted by negligence, you must be ready to take action immediately to preserve your legal rights. Insurance companies have teams of people trained to exact strict proof of all elements of your claim. You should get attorneys to fight the insurance companies on your behalf.

To successfully obtain all of the money you are entitled to receive under the law, you must begin documenting every aspect of the items the insurance companies will take measure of when assigning a value to a claim. This begins the moment accident victims notify the responsible insurance company. If due care is not taken, important components of the claim may be overlooked or disregarded.

We can help with this phase of the claim, but you must contact us immediately following an accident.

Document every aspect of the car accident claim.

Insurance companies and the lawyers they hire to represent the negligent driver have incentives to try and shift the blame for the accident upon innocently injured drivers. Under Arkansas law, if such an effort is successful, the insurance company can avoid payment altogether. It is never too early to begin documenting the truth of the matter.

Taking down information about witnesses to the accident can avoid later claims about the true cause of the accident. Cell phone pictures and video are very helpful, and it is perfectly legal to begin documenting your claim yourself right away. Family members can be a big help, as can our investigators if we are involved during the initial phases.

Many people find it convenient to use cell phone apps to get important information documented right away. The same is true with taking down important information about ambulance and police personnel, and others capable of confirming what actually happened in the accident. When they finally get around to contacting experienced personal injury attorneys, many people are sadly surprised to learn that insurance company investigation failed to acknowledge crucial witness details or otherwise document and record important facts about the accident.

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