Document Everything

Document every aspect of the claim.

Insurance companies and the lawyers they hire to represent the negligent driver have incentives to try and shift the blame for the accident upon innocently injured drivers.

Under Arkansas law, if such an effort is successful, the insurance company can avoid payment altogether. It is never too early to begin documenting the truth of the matter.

Taking down information about witnesses to the accident can avoid later claims about the true cause of the accident.

Cell phone pictures and video are wonderful and it is perfectly legal to begin documenting your claim yourself right away.

Family members can be a big help as can our investigators if we are involved during the initial phases.

Also, many people find it convenient to use cell phone apps to get important information documented right away. The same is true with taking down important information about the ambulance and police personal and others capable of confirming what actually happened in the accident.

When they finally get around to contacting experienced personal injury attorneys many people are sadly surprised to learn that the insurance company investigation failed to acknowledge crucial witness details and otherwise document and record important facts about the accident.

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