Loss of Income/Wages

When an innocently injured person cannot work, either temporarily, or permanently, the law provides that the responsible person restore these economic losses. We know from handling many of these claims that those commonly injured in accidents report that it usually comes at the wrong time.

Most people simply don’t have a savings account to cover loss of income from an accident. One idea is that insurance is supposed to fill the void. However, the negligent driver’s insurance company will usually balk at paying money in parts as the harm is suffered.

Instead, they elect to not pay any money until you are ready to return to work. If you are unable to work for an extended time this means that you will not get any money during this period. Just because an accident stops your life does not mean that the bills stop.

Some people do pay for their own insurance coverage to fill the void caused by an inability to work following an accident. However, the amounts are usually a small fixed amount or a small percentage of the injured person’s ordinary income. Our experienced personal injury attorneys know how to document and present your loss wages to give you the full benefit of the available funds designed to cover these losses.

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