Risk Involved? Medical Negligence

Is there risk involved? – There is always risk associated with nearly every medical treatment and procedure. Trained and licensed medical care providers must take appropriate action to minimize that risk by meeting the requirements of the applicable standard of care. When those standards are disregarded, it is the patient that needlessly suffers, often tragically. Many people benefit when contacting an experienced and well-qualified medical negligence attorney immediately.

Arkansas law gives surviving family members many tools to explore and evaluate whether medical negligence is the cause of serious injury or death. However, it is very difficult for most people to do this unless they come equipped with significant medical knowledge and significant legal experience. That is why it is critical to seek out legal counsel with significant experience in prosecuting and resolving such claims.

As for the steps involved, they may be varied and complex, but there are few required in every case involving wrongful death. First, it is necessary to set up an estate on behalf of the deceased with an appropriate person to serve as the representative. The representative will need to obtain medical records, and obtain qualified legal counsel. These steps are necessary to establish the legal authority to investigate and prosecute the claim.

Many medical care providers are trained and taught in a culture of silence when it comes to medical errors. Concerned patients and family members may not be given prompt and complete information about how the particular medical injury occurred.

In medical negligence cases the person that was negligent may in fact write the record that documents the medical error and injury. Our firm is deeply familiar with reliable methods of gathering records, and obtaining independent expert review to shed light on a particular medical error and how it caused the poor outcome. Many victims of medical negligence are pleased to learn that the scrutiny and attention of the civil justice system improves medical care for other patients in the future.

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