What Happens If I Settled My Claim and Need More Medical Care?

We receive calls from people wondering about how to pay for necessary medical care and surgeries that were caused by an accident when the settlement was prematurely made and paid before all of the injuries came to light.

Our experiences teach that many people involved in an accident have injuries that are permanent and create many life-altering consequences that will not necessarily be paid without aggressive representation (latent shoulder and knee damage, for example). Unfortunately, many people are urged to settle their claims before the complete picture of the medical consequences is known.

When a claim is paid without consideration of permanent injuries and the need for future surgeries and medical care, the settlement amount paid is much less than it should have been (because it does not account for the money needed for those future surgeries, follow up physical therapy and the like). In those instances, the innocent accident victim may find that he or she requires expensive medical treatment that was caused by the accident, but there is no money to pay for it because the settlement was made too soon to include these damages.

In our experience, injured accident victims are well served to fully complete all of their medical care and treatment before approving a settlement (being mindful of the statute of limitations). Experience teaches the value of following through will all recommended follow up treatment to be certain there are funds to cover lingering medical problems and future surgeries.

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