How Injury Claims with Insurance Companies Work

Insurance companies make more money when they limit the money paid to innocent car, truck, or plane accident victims who are unable to jump through bureaucratic hurdles. Because the law requires the innocently injured person to prove his or her claim, the burden is on the injured accident victim, and not the negligent driver, to gather all of the evidence to support it. Any misstep in documenting or proving your claim can cause significant reductions in the value the insurance company attempts to arbitrarily assign to your injury.

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In some cases, the failure to properly preserve your rights and present your claim may result in your valid claim being denied altogether. Innocent accident victims must comply with claims procedures even though they might be in the worst shape of their lives and in no position to fight through bureaucratic obstacles imposed by corporate insurance companies.

Even though you have been injured by another driver’s negligence, you will still be required to execute documents and work to prove your claim. This is true even if you are confined to a hospital bed and even if you are unconscious.

Many people seek out experienced personal injury lawyers at the earliest possible moment. This is often what makes the difference in whether they can be compensated for their injuries. Our experienced injury attorneys know how to help in handling the critical tasks required to initiate and document your claim. Early involvement by our attorneys can prevent unscrupulous insurance corporations (and the paid adjusters insurance companies pay to decide your claim) from taking advantage of any gaps in your documentation.

The nature of insurance corporations is to pay profits to their corporate shareholders. There is no distinction between profit earned by sound management and claims handling processes and money saved at the expense of those truly injured, but unable to adequately document and prove their claim. In Arkansas, adjusters may even get bonuses for saving money in handling a claim.  So consider the adjuster handling your injury claim may actually make more money by short changing you.  Did you ever consider why they would offer this friendly advice?

The insurance companies hire and pay their own adjusters to make decisions about your claim. When dealing with claims adjusters and the insurance companies that pay them, it pays to be mindful that any money that an insurance company can avoid paying on a claim means the insurance company gets to keep it. It is not coincidental that insurance companies and their owners generate significant annual wealth for themselves. It is similarly not surprising that the same adjuster that is telling you there is no need to hire an attorney in your case is paid by an insurance company that hires battalions of attorneys to assist it in saving money, at the expense of many accident victims.