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1. If I am in an accident with a big truck, what should I do?

A. Truck accidents can be especially complex and require an attorney with a high level of skill and experience. There are more factors at play when dealing with an accident with an 18-wheeler or other large truck. Often times the vehicle involved is owned or operated by a company, this has significant implications for your potential claim. If you have been hit by a semi-truck, or other large company vehicle, CCR is here to answer your questions and help you on your road to recovery. Call us today.

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2. I’m not sure if my accident involved a big truck. What do you mean by “big trucks”?

A. Large and heavy commercial vehicles, such as chemical and tanker trucks, concrete trucks, big-rig (semi) trucks, log trucks, tractor-trailers are all types of trucks that have been reported to causes serious injuries to those travelling Arkansas highways. There are approximately 5000 people that die in the United States each year. Many of those victims were in passenger cars/SUV’s and pick-up trucks when struck by a big rig.

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3. Who is liable for truck accidents?

A. Naturally, every case is different; however, a survey of Arkansas accident cases revealed dangerously overloaded trucks being driven with poor braking systems that were not maintained, or that were altered, along with questionable tires, and other unsafe maintenance practices. By choosing to ignore or put off necessary maintenance, unscrupulous operators shift their safety risk to the unsuspecting public. The law provides the tools necessary to hold such operators and their insurance companies accountable.

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4. What is the difference between accidents with cars and accidents with big trucks?

A. Truck accidents are handled differently from other motor vehicle accidents because of the state and federal agencies working to regulate the trucking industry. Often, insurance companies send representatives and adjusters to the scene of the accident. Those same insurance companies employ many attorneys to defend the bad driving or safety violations that caused the accident.

CCR’s truck accident attorneys know how to help right away. One of our attorneys worked for several years for national insurance corporations in defense of many car and commercial truck accidents. Additionally, we have industry experts to assist us in investigating and evaluating the scene of the accident while taking important photograph and video evidence, conducting witness interviews, investigating involved drivers, evaluating equipment, maintenance records, driver’s logs and other safety records. Another attorney represented trucking firms as in-house counsel and understands the rules and regulations applicable for truck drivers and their employers Additionally, two of our attorneys have prior experience as sworn and certified police accident investigators and know how to evaluate the true causes and driving violations that lead to the accident. We take a team approach towards the entire accident and focus all of our efforts to ensure our clients receive fair compensation for their harms and losses caused by unsafe practices and unsafe driving.

Many people injured in truck accidents receive medical assistance right away due to the severity of their injury. This is important because the law does must take measure of the medical treatment and medical requirements when evaluating the true value of full compensation. Others, sadly, do not survive and we offer our clients deep experience with pursuing claims on behalf of the deceased for wrongful death, loss of life, as well as mental anguish and grief suffered by their surviving loved ones. Proper and timely medical treatment combined with the aid of knowledgeable attorneys can make a difference for those injured or surviving family members seeking to place accountability upon those responsible for causing the harm.

Let us help you cut through the confusion and get answers to your questions about your injuries and truck accident claim.

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5. How competent are big truck drivers?

A. As with any vehicle, the competence of the driver varies by individual. Any number of factors can contribute to an accident with an 18-wheeler. With many state and interstate highways crossing through it, Little Rock, Arkansas has been identified as one of the top five cities for fatality accidents in the country. The reported total fatality rate per 100,000 people is nearly 18. Among these are a high number of pedestrian fatalities. Major causes of truck and semi-truck accidents often include violations of the Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (“DOT Regs”) and:

  • Driver tiredness and fatigue
  • Poor or faulty maintenance practices
  • Distracted driving
  • Brake failure or out of service brakes
  • Tire blowouts
  • Override accidents
  • Runaway trailers
  • Overloaded trailers/ semi-trucks
  • Jack-knifing
  • Driver error
  • Highway conditions/weather
  • Time-sensitive deadlines

If you are interested in learning more about common causes of trucking accidents here in Arkansas, give CCR a call today.

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6. Are expert witnesses necessary to prove fault in a truck accident case?

A. Expert witnesses, though not always necessary to prove fault, are certainly always helpful. Expert witnesses are those with a specific skill set or training, recognized by the court, that testify on behalf of individuals. An expert witness can shed light on industry standards and conduct, as well as discuss the application of those standards in your particular case. Naturally, cases vary because situations on the road vary. Each case is different so how much and what level of testimonial evidence is required will, of course, depend on the individual claim. If you have questions about expert witnesses or what role they can play in investigating a car or truck accident, call CCR for more information.

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