Little Rock DWI Attorney John Collins to Present at Racing for Justice XIV

LITTLE ROCK, AR (March 4, 2016) – Little Rock attorney John Collins of Collins, Collins & Ray, P.A., will present at Racing for Justice XIV on Saturday, March 12 at The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa in Hot Springs, AR. As a well-established authority in the field of DWI/DUI defense, Collins will deliver a talk on the state of DWI roadblocks in Arkansas.

Recently, several DWI roadblocks conducted by state and local police in Arkansas have been the subject of scrutiny by Collins and the news media. Collins maintains that the police must always operate within the law when conducting DWI roadblocks or checkpoints. This includes respecting the fourth amendment to the United States Constitution which prohibits unlawful search and seizure of citizens and their property.

Collins has presented on a wide variety of Arkansas DWI topics to fellow lawyers in the past, including arrest procedure and breathalyzer testing among others. As a former police officer and prosecuting attorney in Arkansas, Collins possesses a unique wealth of experience on DWI topics which he regularly shares through continuing legal education (CLE) events.

All of the attorneys at Collins, Collins & Ray are committed to serve Arkansas with the best available legal counsel in DWI/DUI defense, personal injury, and insurance claim matters.

About Collins, Collins & Ray

Collins, Collins & Ray was formed between good friends that had a common desire: work in a friendly environment where the needs of the client come before anything else. Each of us has worked in public service and has dedicated our professional development to helping others. Our attorneys have gained experience as: in-house counsel for a group of trucking and brokerage companies, insurance defense attorney, and two prior police officers who went on to work as prosecutors after law school.

Our award-winning firm focuses on several areas of the law, including DWI/DUI defense, personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance claims, property disputes, and employment law, among others.

We knew that if we combined our experiences, we could help people in a way that we previously were unable to do. Our firm now provides more services and will allow us additional time to spend on the client’s case without the time constraints our prior practices placed on us.

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