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John C. Collins

Partner – CCR Law Firm, Little Rock

John Collins started his career in law enforcement, serving as a field training officer, patrolman, investigator, and instructor of an alcohol education program. John went on to become a deputy prosecuting attorney in Garland County. Mr. Collins has conducted several courses dealing with Arkansas DWI DUI offenses and has been a guest speaker for Arkansas law enforcement training sessions on topics related to DWI DUI.

Mr. Collins has sat as a special judge in numerous Arkansas district courts. Mr. Collins is a member and a former state delegate of the National College for DUI Defense, Inc., a founding member, currently on the board of directors, a faculty member and former state ambassador of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. John is also a member of the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Inns of Court, and the American Chemical Society.

John was voted Best of the Best Attorneys in Hempstead County in 2010, has received the Client Distinction Award, and been named by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, has been named as a Super Lawyer by Memphis magazine, a Top Attorney by the Legal Network, has been ranked as a superb attorney by with a 10 out of 10 rating and, most recently, is the published author of the DWI Book for the State of Arkansas.

CLE & Law Enforcement Training Presentations Given

Criminal Justice Institute in Ft. Smith (Drug Recognition Expert Training, 2019)
Little Rock Police Academy (Courtroom Testimony, 2019)
Ft. Smith Police Department (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2019)
Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (DWI/Drugs, 2019)
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Assoc. (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2019)
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Cross Examination, 2019)
Criminal Justice Institute-Jonesboro (Drug Recognition Expert Training, 2019)
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Jury trial strategies, 2018)
DUI Defense Lawyers Association – Philadelphia (Jury Trials, 2018)
Criminal Justice Institute- Russellville (Drug Recognition Expert Training, 2018)
Best of CLE (DWI, 2018)
Little Rock Police Academy (Sobriety Testing, 2017)
In Service Training (Blood Draw Cases, 2017)
Impaired Driving Conference (DWI/Drug Cases, 2017)
Everything You Need To Know About DWI (DWI, 2017)
Arkansas Bar Convention (DWI Legal Updates, 2017)
Racing for Justice (Roadblocks, 2016)
Little Rock Police Academy (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2016)
In service training (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2016)
In service training (Drug Recognition Expert, 2016)
“Halting the Vampires/Bad Blood,” AR Ass. of Criminal Defense Lawyers (DWI, 2016)
Field Testing Presentation, State Police Training (DWI, 2016)
118th AR Bar Meeting, Cross Examining a Police Officer
(DWI, 2016)
Field Sobriety Training, LR Police 
(DWI, 2016)
Fayetteville PD Service Training 
(DWI, 2016)
DWI Roadblock, Racing for Justice
(DWI, 2016)
DWI Institute
(DWI, 2015)
Troop School (DWI, 2015)
Summer Session in Chicago (DWI Defense, 2015)
Last Chance CLE (DWI, 2015)
Troop School (DWI Trials, 2014)
DWI SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2014)
DWI Institute (DWI, 2014)
Detection of Impaired Drivers (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2014)
Detection of Impaired Drivers (DWI, 2014)
Criminal Post Trial (Criminal Law, 2014)
Betting On Justice XIII (DWI, 2014)
Troop School (DWI training, 2013)
Criminal Trial Practice (DWI Trial Practice, 2013)
Arkansas Paralegal Alliance (DWI Defense, 2013)
4th Amendment (Blood draws and Road Blocks, 2013)
Troop School (DWI, 2012)
Police Academy (DWI, 2012)
Drugs that Impair Driving (DWI – Drugs, 2012)
Criminal Trial Practice (DWI, 2012)
Betting On Justice (Drug Recognition Experts, 2012)
Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (Cross Examination, 2011)
Law Call (DWI, 2011)
In-Service Training (DWI & Drug Arrest, 2011)
Hope Police In-Service Training (DWI, 2011)
DWI Trial Techniques (DWI Jury Trial, 2011)
DWI Drugs (Drug Recognition Expert Training, 2011)
Kiwanis (DWI, 2010)
In-service Training (Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor, 2008)
DWI Continuing Legal Education (DWI in Arkansas, 2007)
Strategies in Handling DWI and DUI Cases in Arkansas (Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2006)
Discussion Panel on Law Firms and Technology (Technology in the Small Law Firm, 2006)

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